This is our female version of Bolo with Bullygirl flair. Lady Gaga has been a freak since a pup (Bone, Mass, Thickness) that is why she got that name. Her head is tough looking and bully. She breathes extremely well. She is a beast that put's allot of males to shame. If you don't believe me, feel free to stack them up next to her.

Alhambra is what I call our show freak. She has nice structure, with a short back and has extreme muscle with hard ripped muscle. Alhambra is a nice bully female that breathes well and very athletic. She is like a running back that can cut, on a dime, very explosive. This girl produced a very litter for us, giving us Sugar Shea and Max.

Daisy has been shown a few times and done well. Unfortunutely we never had a chance to breed her. But she has been in a loving pet home since a pup. Def. would of liked to use her.

Left to Right: Sasha, Bullygirl II, Tenshi, Saki